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Anti-Early Runner and Finger Shoes

I'm trying to remember the last time I woke up early enough to run before work. A year ago, maybe more. There was a time when I got up three times a week at five am to run before work. Something happened. I just can't do it anymore. I get up to run races that start early of course, but if I run in the morning, it's on Saturday at seven am or later. The norm for me is to change after work and run downtown from the parking garage. If I go home intending to run, I may not want to get off the couch.

Yesterday, I decided to wake up at 5:45 am so I could jog with Lance. He spent almost as many hours as hubby and I in the car during our trip to Georgia last weekend (visited sister and went to a wedding). He is such a good car riding dog, but he didn't get much exercise.

 Hubby and I both had to work during the day yesterday. Even though our pet sitter was coming to walk Lance midday, I realized it would be a good idea not only for me to run, but also for Lance. I only wa…

The Claw Run 10 Miles

If the horrible 8-miler I did the week before The Claw Run was an indicator of my finish time for the 10-mile race, I would have guessed a three-hour, sluggish, slow, and painful finish time. Praise God that wasn't the case and my time was a respectable two hours and nine minutes.

Luckily, the adventure run took my fears away as soon as the horn sounded. My cousin, Alyssa, and I took off through the woods on a shaded path behind my hubby and Hea's boyfriend, Mike. They got ahead of us pretty quickly, but Alyssa stayed with me the whole time.

The sad part was the fact that Hea of Team Hea and Bria had a knee injury and couldn't race with us. She was a trooper and still came to cheer. Two other friends, Robert and Russ, ran the 5 miles and did great. Robert was kind enough to drive us again this year.

Alyssa and I raced through forest trails, open fields, up and down "hills" (hey, it's Florida and they felt like hills), through ravines, palm tree gardens, two …