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Inspired by Friends Rockin' the St. Anthony's Triathlon

St. Anthony's Tri in St. Pete

I'm not firmly in the "I will never do a tri" camp, but I'm not eager to do one. Mainly, the swim. TERRIFIED of the swim. I've never been a strong swimmer, and I don't swim ever, so my fear of drowning is actually legitimate. Especially in a race like St. A's where the swim is in Tampa Bay.

What's in a Tri?
Several friends and coworkers from St. Pete Running Company competed in the Olympic distance race at the St. Anthony's Triathlon this year. Let's talk about what that means, shall we?
Olympic Distance:
Swim 1500 meters (about a mile) Bike 24.9 miles Run 10K (6.2 miles)
Sprint Distance:
Swim 750 meters (about 1/2 a mile) Bike 12.4 miles Run 5K (3.1 miles)
Meek and Mighty: (for the kids and people like me at St. Anthony's)
Swim 200 yards (in the pool!) Bike 5.4 miles Run 1 mile
Getting Inspired
Allow me to repeat: they all did the OLYMPIC distance. A mile swim before all that other stuff. Need I say more?

I'm NEVER Going to Boston

2016 Boston Marathon
Never Say Never
I should clarify. I'm NEVER going to Boston as a marathon participant. For several reasons, but the main one being that I'm way too slow.
I know. I should never say never. But I feel really confident in this particular never statement.

Cheering On Everyone Else
St. Pete Running Company hosts a Boston Marathon party every year. I never to miss it because I LOVE watching the race. It's one of those epic, heart pounding thrills to see these athletes battle it out through a world-famous American course. The 2016 Boston race was especially awesome when Baysa came out of NOWHERE and overtook the second and first-placed females to win by a long shot.
At a race where runners have to qualify with a certain time to participate, Boston becomes something of a golden snitch (except is it really that hard to catch the snitch? For now, let's pretend it is). Runners will make Boston a life goal because of the prestige that accompanies racing the Bost…

What to Wear For Women Runners

A Few of My Favorite Running Things

Maybe you don't wear exactly the same brands as I do, but I swear by certain running items.

Hopefully you can come in to the store sometime and get some of the awesome must-haves for runners. Or you've got a running store near you that carries the same or similar brands. If not, message me in the comments because St. Pete Running Company does ship.

What's Been Going On With Me?
I know, I know. You're wondering where the heck I've been. Or not. Mostly, you'll see me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Or you've noticed that I blog much more frequently at Writing For the Love with my latest writing updates. Currently submitting my novel, Sprinter, to agents. Two requests so far!
Getting Better as a Runner
Running has been awesome for me this year. At the Florida Road Race Series where I completed all four Halfathons, I bettered my times at three races in a row.
My new half marathon PR happened at the Beach Halfathon: 2:08:24…