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14 miles and up

Hubby, Hea, Mike, and I are in full swing with marathon training. We also have three other friends who will be running the X-Country Marathon with us in November: Alyssa, Jenni, and Zach.

We have a team! So we came up with a team name and shirts.

TEAM SPOR RUNNERS because some of us live in SP (St. Pete) and some of us live in OR (Orlando).

I know, it looks like we left of the T in SPORT. Or, as one of my forum friends described it, that the E in SPORE is missing and we're a "group of escaped infectious lab test subjects from some fungus-based zombie disease, a la The Last of Us."

In my mind, SPOR rhymes with Thor so we can raise our fists and shout, "By the power of SPOR!"

Anyway, Friday night Hea, hubby, and I ran 14 miles. We had fun, chatted a lot which helped the time pass, but it wasn't easy. Especially since next Saturday we're scheduled to run 16. The miles just keep going up and up.

I still haven't posted about the Police Appreciation Run…

Vlog: Running with Dad

I visited my family in Yuma, AZ for a week in August. Mom, Dad, and a sister live out there. I happened to fly in the night before Dad's birthday. He turned 62.

So naturally, we got up and ran six miles together on his birthday.

I had to work hard to keep up with Dad. He likes to say he was trying to keep up with me, but he's just being nice.

I'm so blessed to have a running family. So many people in my fam run (most a lot faster than me).

Dad and I are training for marathons. He's doing the Yuma Marathon in January, and I'm doing the X-Country Marathon in November. He's done...I want to say five marathons now. I'm not positive about that, but he did his first marathon in his fifties. For about a year, he had knee problems and took a break from marathons. Now he's back and feeling great.

At Gasparilla one year, he ran a 3:55 (yes, a sub 4-hour marathon).  He was ten minutes off the Boston Qualifier. Now that he's over 60, he has the chance to…