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Tangent: my first e-book publication and a contest

As described in my profile, I'm not only a runner but also a writer. Some of you may have visited my writing blog, but for those who haven't, I'm taking a tangent from running chat to announce my first e-book publication.

I have two wild and crazy pets who are so adorable and fun. Lance is an English Springer Spaniel and Ringo is a long-haired domestic cat. A few months ago, I started writing fictionalized short stories from their perspective. I started a blog to promote the stories.

Contest: Right now, I'm running the first contest on the Lance & Ringo Tails blog. Click the link, post a comment anywhere on that blog, and you'll be to entered to win a set of handmade bookmarks.

Tail One: The first story is available now. Click the title to purchase for $0.99 in the Kindle Store. Amazon Prime members can borrow for free.

O Brother, What Art Thou?

I'm already working on Tail Two and having a ton of fun with these stories. I hope to have a new story released on…

St Pete Rock N Roll Half 2013

After my rare and delightful runner's high, I pretty much expected a runner's low. The twelve-miler was a week and three days prior to the Rock N Roll Half Marathon, so I decided to rest until the race. I ran one stair jog, but that was it.

The half marathon was tons of fun, especially while running and chatting with my dear cousin, Alyssa. Like last year, they had bands every mile. Music helps mentally boost me. Catching up with Alyssa for 2:21:47 (our chip time) feeds my soul.

 Our good friend, J.J., spotted us on the course, so we got to have some of the race documented. I don't like carrying things, such as phone/camera, so it's really nice to have friends taking photos.

This was not a low after all, but nothing close to the high either. Around mile nine or ten, I felt the normal challenges of a half marathon. Legs hurting, my right glute started going numb, making it difficult to lift my right knee, and I was pretty much ready to be done. All the usual things…