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Winner of the Rafflecopter Giveaway

Congratulations, Rebecca! You've won a $50 Amazon Gift Card! I'll be contacting you personally via email to arrange the receipt of your winnings.
Thank You For Participating!
Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the Rafflecopter Giveaway. There were over 150 entries! Keep an eye out for future giveaways because I will certainly be doing more.
You Named a Character
There was one entry that was particularly close to my heart: Name a Character. I was thrilled to see so many participants naming a character, and the names were so creative! I will be using every single one of them in future stories.

Here are the Character Names:
Linnea Larson
AND MY PERSONAL FAVORITE: Spoonbob (can't wait to find a character who will fit that name!)

Would you like to receive a credit for naming a character?
For those who provided a character name, thank you! They were all fanta…

Rafflecopter Giveaway: Win an Amazon Gift Card

The Anti-Running Runner Contest

I'm running a free contest through Rafflecopter that starts today! From April 7th through May 5th, enter for free through the Rafflecopter Link.

Q: How much time do I have to enter the contest?
A: The free contest runs from 12:00 AM EST Friday, April 7th through 12:00 AM Friday, May 5th, 2017. That's about a month. Keep in mind that the closing date is one minute after 11:59 PM on May 4th, so it might help to think of May 4th as the deadline.

Q: Why is the contest so long? I want to find out if I win sooner.
A: One of the entry options is to review my books. You have three books to choose from, and you can review all three for more entries. The month-long contest gives participants a chance to read my books (they are all novella-length and shorter). There is also a limit to once a day for selecting the book review entry. Anyone wanting to get points for more than one book review will need that many number of…

The New Normal: The Injury Series 2.0

When An Injury Becomes a Part of Life
Neck warmer in place. Check. Yoga ball. Check. Golf ball under foot. Check. Working on my novel. Check.

How are all these things helping me? Writing is my life's passion, so I'm thrilled to be writing at any given moment. The heat on my neck helps ease the discomfort from the disc degeneration in my cervical spine--the root cause of my thoracic back pain. The yoga ball helps me work on my core (which is weak and possibly contributing to both injuries). The golf ball is for my heel pain. Is it a nerve? Is it plantar fasciitis? Is it some other tendon? A cyst? All of the above? It's difficult to say. I'm currently receiving treatment from CORA Physical Therapy. Slowly but surely, it's getting a little better.

When dealing with multiple injuries, multitasking is not always an option. Sometimes the nature of the injuries force you to slow things down, take them one at a time.

Honestly, I think that's part of the message I'm…

Stuck in the Mud: The Injury Series 1.0

My First Big Sports InjuryHave you ever been injured? Me, too. Back in 6th Grade during gymnastics, one of my attempts at a full twist left me with a broken thumb after a bad landing. And it hurt.

(I'm in the third row far right)
With a cast and a promise of healing within six weeks (and learning to write left-handed in school), I discovered that I was ready to move on to other sports. Gymnastics was fun, but I wanted to do track and volleyball (which meant quitting gym), so the time of reflection helped firm up my decision. It's one I've never regretted.

Centralia High School Track Freshman Year 4X100 Relay (Me, Molly Parker, Sarah Hahn, April Schilt)
St. Pete High School Varsity Volleyball Senior Year (me front and center)
I've had no major injuries since then. Little things here and there, but I've always bounced back pretty quickly. That time I ran into sliding glass door and most likely broke my nose stands out because it was really painful, and led to a lot of…