What 9/11 Means to Me and My Novel, Sprinter

Never Forget

Image from Pixabay It's been 17 years since terrorists crashed two planes into the World Trade Center, killing almost 3,000 people including rescuers. One plane crashed into the Pentagon, killing nearly 200. The plane that was bound for another target crashed into a field, the lives of those on the plane numbering 40 people. Most of us remember where we were on 9/11/01. Some lost family, friends, and loved ones.

Where Was I on 9/11/01?As a sophomore at Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL, where I would later earn my B.A. in English, I was in poetry class at the time of the attack in New York City. Not until after class did I hear from people in the hallways that the World Trade Center had been struck by planes.
From a visit to my alma mater in 2016

When I left class, I walked to the house on Saragossa Street where I lived with six other female roommates. I found most of them glued to the television. And I couldn't look away, either. For hours we watched the footage fr…

Running Recommitments: Consistency

As I mentioned in my previous post, Becoming a Running Mom, I had goals of completing 2 miles of consecutive running (without walk breaks) in May, and 3 miles of consecutive running in June.
Goals Accomplished!

And while that felt great, life can get in the way with a little one. We had family in town during the week of Independence Day, which was wonderful. Here we are walking at St. Pete Running Company's Four on the Fourth event.

Our large group (Mom, Dad, sisters, nieces, my running buddy Terry, and of course Baby Luke) walked one mile out and back on the Pinellas Trail during the event.

And while I'm still walking, I haven't been doing much running lately.

So when I went for a short jog around a nearby park one evening last week, I felt how much my missed workouts affected my conditioning.

I walked to and from the park and added only about 1/2 a mile of running. And it was tough!!

HOT HOT Summer
In Florida, summer running is kind of like taking a really long, sopping wet…

Becoming a Running Mom

Running & Motherhood Mother's Day with LukeLooking at that picture of me smiling with my sweet baby boy, you'd think all this was a breeze! And here's the truth: Luke is one easy baby. He sleeps well, eats well (on formula--more on that below), he's often happy, not often fussy, he's sociable with people, easy to take places, and I can't imagine my life without him.
On December 9th, 2017, at 00:00 (aka 12:00 AM), my life changed forever. I should say our lives because obviously the same is true for my hubby, but he prefers to be left out of most social media, so I'm focusing on me for that reason. I thought about writing a detailed post explaining what happened during my labor and delivery. I decided against it, but will probably write the story in a journal in order to help me get over it. And I do mean that. It's been over five months, and I really haven't gotten over everything that went down on December 8th. It's possible that I have som…


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Linnea Larson
AND MY PERSONAL FAVORITE: Spoonbob (can't wait to find a character who will fit that name!)

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