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Brief Shoe Update

I’ve been really busy (writing, Orlando trip, family visiting on the 4th) but wanted to give a brief shoe update.
I love the Vibrams! Why?
·So lightweight and comfy ·My toes like not touching each other ·Forces me to run with better posture ·I was a sprinter in high school, and this makes me feel like there’s still a sprinter in me somewhere ·I feel like a “real” runner when I wear them ·No need for socks (one less thing to remember when I pack my running bag) ·General sense of body adjusting well (joints, knees, back etc have no problems) ·In the Florida summer heat and humidity, it’s a nice excuse to run slower and shorter distances

But…they are not perfect
·The bottom of my feet have felt rubbed raw after several different runs (not every time, but more   so when I go more than a mile) ·I’m still SLOWLY building up distance and haven’t gone more than 3 miles (hard for me…sorta) ·Still have the occasional calf soreness ·I seem to have really tender feet. I could see myself getting blisters on …