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Running Recommitments: Consistency

As I mentioned in my previous post, Becoming a Running Mom, I had goals of completing 2 miles of consecutive running (without walk breaks) in May, and 3 miles of consecutive running in June.
Goals Accomplished!

And while that felt great, life can get in the way with a little one. We had family in town during the week of Independence Day, which was wonderful. Here we are walking at St. Pete Running Company's Four on the Fourth event.

Our large group (Mom, Dad, sisters, nieces, my running buddy Terry, and of course Baby Luke) walked one mile out and back on the Pinellas Trail during the event.

And while I'm still walking, I haven't been doing much running lately.

So when I went for a short jog around a nearby park one evening last week, I felt how much my missed workouts affected my conditioning.

I walked to and from the park and added only about 1/2 a mile of running. And it was tough!!

HOT HOT Summer
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