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Next up: Miami

Last Friday, I ran my last long distance prior to the Miami Half, between 11-12 miles. It's a nice feeling to get a long distance run out of the way, and then focus on shorter runs and resting days and carbs.

Two weeks ago, I ran the last 10 miles of Hea's 20-miler. She's doing her first full marathon in Miami. Team Hea & Bria get to start the race together, but she'll be doing twice my race distance.

We had a really enjoyable run together. Her boyfriend rode a bike the whole 20 miles, and even carried things for me when I joined them. It was a huge blessing to have him along.

I keep thinking about doing another marathon, but I'm so happy that I don't have one coming up. It takes so much time just to train for a half, and way more to train for a full.

Alyssa and two of her friends, and a group of Hea's friends will all be doing the Miami Marathon. For many it will be their first. I think we'll all have a blast together. And I'll get to finish fi…