Next up: Miami

Last Friday, I ran my last long distance prior to the Miami Half, between 11-12 miles. It's a nice feeling to get a long distance run out of the way, and then focus on shorter runs and resting days and carbs.

Two weeks ago, I ran the last 10 miles of Hea's 20-miler. She's doing her first full marathon in Miami. Team Hea & Bria get to start the race together, but she'll be doing twice my race distance.

We had a really enjoyable run together. Her boyfriend rode a bike the whole 20 miles, and even carried things for me when I joined them. It was a huge blessing to have him along.

I keep thinking about doing another marathon, but I'm so happy that I don't have one coming up. It takes so much time just to train for a half, and way more to train for a full.

Alyssa and two of her friends, and a group of Hea's friends will all be doing the Miami Marathon. For many it will be their first. I think we'll all have a blast together. And I'll get to finish first for once! I'm never the fastest in the group.

My sister, Larisa, will also be joining us to cheer us on. She lived in Miami for several years and we get to stay with one of her good friend's who is still in the area. I'm really excited because when I finish, my sister will be there to greet me!

I bought one of those pouches for my iTouch Nike sensor. Saves me from having to cut into the shoe.


  1. You know it! I'll be there at the finish line cheering you on! :)

  2. It's nice to have all the hard work done. Now to survive the taper without going a little bit crazy ...

  3. Larisa, I can't wait!

    It's true, Char. I don't have any trouble chowing down, but I do question how much to run.


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