Brief Shoe Update

I’ve been really busy (writing, Orlando trip, family visiting on the 4th) but wanted to give a brief shoe update.

I love the Vibrams! Why?

·        So lightweight and comfy
·        My toes like not touching each other
·        Forces me to run with better posture
·        I was a sprinter in high school, and this makes me feel like there’s still a sprinter in me somewhere
·        I feel like a “real” runner when I wear them
·        No need for socks (one less thing to remember when I pack my running bag)
·        General sense of body adjusting well (joints, knees, back etc have no problems)
·        In the Florida summer heat and humidity, it’s a nice excuse to run slower and shorter distances

But…they are not perfect

·        The bottom of my feet have felt rubbed raw after several different runs (not every time, but more   so when I go more than a mile)
·        I’m still SLOWLY building up distance and haven’t gone more than 3 miles (hard for me…sorta)
·        Still have the occasional calf soreness
·        I seem to have really tender feet. I could see myself getting blisters on the bottom of my feet if I were to up the mileage too soon
·        I HOPE that I’m building up sole calluses so that I can do my half marathon in October in these. BUT I don’t know if I am or not
·        A rock got stuck in the ridges of one shoe during a run last weekend and it felt like it was digging into my foot! We were almost done (2.5ish miles) so I left it, but in the future I know I’ll have to stop and take care of it in a run/race

Overall, I still like 'em.

These are actually a different pair than the originals (green from other post).
I had to trade them in for one size up. I really like the blue