Halloween Halfathon

This is one of those races I'll remember forever.

And this is why...

My cousin, Alyssa, and I ran in costume FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!

If you can't tell....she is Tinkerbell and I am Ariel. Well, we are their running versions.

We talked about doing a Disney race dressed up, but we gave up and finally decided this Halloween race would be the perfect opportunity for way less $$.

She brought her two friends, Alicia and Katherine, who were so sweet and fun.

Katherine is a fairy friend of Tinkerbell's and Alicia is Cruella De Ville.

I was so shocked that Alyssa and I finished in 2:21 because I thought the wig at least would slow me way down. Turns out the outfit was one of the best I've ever run in. I got the shirt because it was purple and looked mermaidish. I just can't run in a sports bra, and I know that probably would have made it more obvious that I was Ariel, but oh well. It was such a comfy top. The running skirt had spandex shorts under and they did not move! Best I've ever had.

Ft. Desoto is so beautiful, and the weather was perfect. 70's I think. We prayed for it and the Lord gave it to us. Cloud cover kept us from getting overheated in the sun, and there was a nice breeze most of the way. In the end, the nice breeze became more intense. Made it feel like running uphill, so that was the hardest part. We still made it in decent time.

Alyssa and I chatted and caught up the whole time. We realized it had been too long, and that made the miles fly by. We both missed several of the mile markers. Love it when that happens.

We also got to say hi to some friends from the Calvary Chapel Running Team. Some people were running (sadly we didn't make it early enough to find them) and some were handing out water and gatorade. So fun to see them serving in that way!

My training paid off. Imagine that...training right helps. So I felt great during, only had a little soreness after, and I'm already excited for the Women's Half in three weeks.


  1. It had to have gotten a little sweaty under that wig? I can't imagine wearing one - I don't even like to wear a cap.

  2. yes, the hair flying in the wind eventually started sticking to the sweat on my face. when i put it back in a ponytail, though, it was fine! hardly noticed it.

  3. LOVE your wig!!! It sounds like a fun race ;)


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