The Claw Run 10 Miles...and a BIG surprise at the end

Back on April 28th, I ran the Claw Run 10 Miles with hubby, Hea, and Mike. Our friends Robert and Russ ran the 5 Miles. This race in beautiful Alafia River State Park has become a favorite of mine. I can't believe someone had to talk me into doing it the first time.

We ran through forest trails, up and down hills and berms, through a green valley that smelled like mint, slid on our butts down steep slopes, splashed through ankle-deep water, and waded through a waist-deep river (probably my favorite part because it's a wonderful cool down).

The best of all was that the four of us stayed together. Usually I'm at the back of the pack but someone is always kind enough to stay with me like Hea or Alyssa (who sadly couldn't make it this year). But this time, we ran as a group and felt like a team.

Of course, staying together still meant staying with the slowest person (me), so I was especially grateful that everyone stuck to the plan. Later, it became clear why Mike, the fastest of us all, suggested we stay together this time.


Hubby prefers to remain anonymous

If you can't read the results page, our time was 2:06:31 which was a PR for me! A three-minute improvement from last year. Getting a PR is always fun.

In overall female results, Hea and I placed 33/34 out of 76.

And now for the BIG suprise:

Hea's dad at right taking pic

So why did Mike want us to stay together? So we could finish together and all witness the moment when he got down on one knee!

Hubby and I had NO idea Mike was popping the question at the end of this race. And neither did Hea! He only told her parents and his own immediate family. Hea's mom and dad and Mike's dad and sister appeared seemingly out of nowhere as he was proposing. He did a great job planning this out.

She said yes!

I couldn't believe he carried the ring in his running belt the entire ten miles. That's impressive. It's hard enough to run without having to worry about a ring that has to make it through all of the above descriptors (hills, WAIST-DEEP WATER). Now it makes sense why he was holding all his stuff over his head as he waded through the river.

This is certainly a race I will never forget. So happy for Hea and Mike!

Photos by Christina Harrod.


  1. Awww. That's so sweet. And it's so nice that you got to witness it.

  2. It was so special! It helps to be the best friend.


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