Marathon tomorrow

There are seven Team SPOR Runners doing the X-Country Marathon tomorrow at Alafia River State Park. Hea, Mike, Zach, Alyssa, Jenni, hubby, and me.

I'm trying not to think about it because I'm quite nervous. But I know it will be fun, especially with our great group of people.

I've been focused on my fiction writing lately, so I haven't been updating on my training, but I'm as trained as I can be. Now I just need to relax and give it to God because it's out of my control.

Hea and I did 21 miles together three weeks ago. I've got a blood-blistered toe to prove it. After horrible 16 and 18 milers, I was relieved the 21 went as well as it did. No major issues (didn't feel the toe until it was over).

The following Saturday we did 12. Last weekend hubby and I did 8. Oh, tapering. So lovely. This last week I carbed up and today I'm doing my eating regimen that I discovered works best for me on runs longer than a half marathon distance. Every two hours, I eat something small. And I eat only a couple pieces of apple the morning of the run. During, I carry shot blocks and nibble-only (I don't eat the whole thing). A gel shot will be needed when they hand them out at the race.

My stomach, I discovered during horrible 16 and 18, has gotten really sensitive during longer runs. So I've now learned what it wants after much trial and error.

Here is my eating schedule for today.

9- oatmeal
11- smoothie
1- chips and salsa and guac
3- apple and PB
5- eggs
7- rotisserie chicken and yellow rice (lots of rice)

In the morning, a couple of apple slices, then I'll just carry my shot blocks during the race. Luckily, Lyssi promised she wanted to stay with me at my slower pace, so I'll have company.

I also promised to blog about the Police Appreciation Run. That will be coming up soon. I promise :)

One last thing. Hubby just got home with a bag of almonds and Christmas-themed M&Ms. He will be carrying those during the run because they worked well for him during the 22 miles he did with Mike and Zach.

Why the Christmas-themed M&Ms? He says, "Because it'll be Christmas by the time we're done running."