Reindeer Run 5K in Sea World

I know I said MARATHON FROM HELL post would be next, but I'm interjecting with a quick Christmas race update....and then I swear the marathon post (in two parts) is coming!

On Dec 14th, I ran this fun Christmas race with many family members. What a blast! I was sad to miss the Jingle Bell Run 5K that I've done for the past three years in a row in St. Pete.


Running through Sea World was amazing. Alyssa and I ran together the whole time. Aunt Elena, Aunt Alicia, and Uncle Warren walked the race together with Alicia's friend, Kim. This would actually be a great race to walk because there's so much to see. They had beautiful Christmas decor. We got to see the dolphins. There were lots of picture spots. So wonderful and fun. And it snowed on us.

Alyssa had spoken to several friends who were running the race, but she didn't expect to find any of them in the crowd of 4,500. We're at the starting line (rather, in the crowd about a quarter mile away) and she says, "You know, I'm going to look around and see if I spot my friends."

I'm thinking there's no way she'll see anyone she knows in the huge crowd.

She turns to her right and immediately says, "There's Katherine and Alicia."

Katherine, Alicia, Lyssi, and me

Yes, they were five feet away from us. It was amazing. So we ran the first two miles with them (same great friends who ran the Halloween Halfathon with us in 2012). Then Alyssa and I decided to pick up the pace for the last mile and weaved our way to the end.

If you live in Florida (or if you're in Florida next Christmas), I highly recommend this fun Christmas race.