Happy National Running Day!

I didn't realize it was National Running Day until I saw people posting about it on Facebook. Because I started meeting with a friend, Terry, each Wednesday morning to run, we already celebrated NRD without knowing it!

These days my running averages three to ten miles about three times a week. It's that time of year where starting after sunrise becomes more and more challenging.

When I do manage to crawl out of bed before sunrise (like today), it makes a huge difference. This was a wonderfully cool morning. Terry and I had a great time chatting, getting to know each other better, lifting each other up in encouragement, and praising God for the gift of another day to run.

If I get a late start, I still try to run consistently with my planned goal of every other day. So my punishment for hitting snooze is suffering through the heat.

A few pics from a late start a couple weeks ago at the pier:

The pier building is closed but there's still a water fountain.

Love running here. So gorgeous.

Vinoy Park in the distance.

Beautiful downtown St. Pete, constantly improving.

Panoramic viewing, sorta.

Albert Whitted Airport in the distance.

I love running downtown. And this particular day wasn't terribly hot either, but as summer comes, it will get hotter and more humid. Time for me to be disciplined, stop hitting snooze, and get up and go before the heat of the day makes it really difficult to run.

A note about races:

A race I had planned to do in May (and blog about) is apparently postponed. The Police Appreciation Run usually takes place the first weekend in May, so I don't actually see the reschedule happening anytime soon, if at all. Officially, summer doesn't start for another two and a half weeks, but try telling that to Florida. If for some reason it becomes scheduled in the summer, I'll probably still do it in support of its cause even though I don't generally race in the summer.

That's all for now. If you haven't run today, just do it!

Happy National Running Day.