Halloween Halfathon 2014

Yes, it's mid-November and I'm just getting around to the Halloween Halfathon. In a nutshell, Team Hea and Bria had a blast!

Before: Pumped up and ready to go! I'm Wonder Woman (the lazy version), Hea is a cat
After: We did awesome! Mike helped us keep a good pace

We finished faster than I expected: 2:17:52 chip time. That includes a bathroom stop. We averaged 10:37 mins/mile. I'm really happy about that! Because Mike came as support, he helped push Hea and I along perhaps a bit faster than if he hadn't been there. Not too bad, though. Mile 11 was the longest of all (strange how that works), but we still managed a strong finish.

Hubby brought Lance to cheer, but I had told him to expect us no sooner than 2:25. Thinking he was early, he showed up literally one minute after we finished. But he did capture the above photo of all three of us.

One of the best things about this race (besides the wonderful organization, fun medals, and route through Ft. Desoto) is all the fun costumes. I thought Hea's costume was cleverly simple. So many people had run-ready costumes that they must've found online. I couldn't find anything for Wonder Woman at Party City. Mine only counted because I had a picture of Wonder Woman on the back of my shirt. Otherwise, I kept it simple with a little crown and glow stick bracelets.

Thank you, Chris Lauber, director of Florida Road Races, for putting on yet another excellent event for the St. Pete locals!

Next race: Clearwater Halfathon with Team Hea and Bria! We're getting ready to do some bridge training.