My First Age Group Award (and before turning 60, too!)

SPRR Beach Series 5K

An Award For Me?


That was my reaction when I heard my name announced for the 2nd Place Female Age 30-34. At the first 5K race in the St. Pete Road Runners Beach Series on June 24th, I accepted the award: a most welcome St. Pete Running Company Gift Card.

(Yes, I work there, and YES I cashed that thing in!)

I was totally shocked, not only because my time was not quite what I'd hoped for, but because the race had been so challenging (read: running ON the beach). The LAST thing I expected was that elusive Age Group award!

My dear friend, Sydney, took a video of me finishing the race.

It's no joke. I really expected to turn at least 50 before the running crowds filtered enough for me to earn any Age Group awards. The closest I've ever gotten is 4th place in my age group at a smaller race where no awards beyond top three overall finishers were given. More and more people are running than ever. Especially women. And I LOVE that and could never begrudge that fact. I just thought it meant I'd be in my 50's or 60's before winning an Age Group award.

I'm pretty excited to have done it at 34!

Making Use of the Award

I've always wanted to try Yankz! laces. Thank you, SPRC Gift Card! Once installed, you never have to tie them. Any pair of shoes can become slip-ons. With pink laces, will my pink Newtons become TOO pink, you think? I may pick another pair of shoes.

When's the next SPRR Beach Series 5K?

So glad you asked! The next two 5Ks are on July 22nd and August 19th (both races start at 7PM). Register for one or both HERE. The races take place on Pass-A-Grille Beach with the start right in front of the Hurricane Restaurant.

So are you up for the challenge? A beach race is tougher than a road race. My Race #1 chip time was 30:53, and even though I was hoping to break 30 minutes (which I can usually do on the road), I'm still really pleased because of that AG award.

What About You?

Have you ever placed top three in your Age Group at a race? Were you expecting it, or did it come as a pleasant surprise? Is that a goal of yours if you haven't yet earned an Age Group award?


  1. Congrats, Bria. Any age group award is great!!

    1. I think so too, Karen! Thank you so much. Have you ever won an AG award?


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