Next up: Gasparilla 15K

Next Saturday, I'll be doing the Gasparilla 15K with my hubby, his coworker, and his coworker's wife. I'm excited to be doing less than a half this time. I'm also excited that my husband's coworker talked him into the race because he's not a fan of road races, which he considers boring, so he rarely runs them with me.

Today I plan to run around 6 or 7 miles, and maybe a few shorter runs next week. I'm enjoying the cooler winter weather and I hope it will stick around longer this year. By April last year, it was hot and didn't really cool down again until the end of October. Don't get me wrong, I love the heat, but training in it can be a challenge.

The following Saturday after that, Team Hea and Bria will be doing the Race for the Greys 5K. I'm looking forward to that and still debating whether to bring Lance along. He's a good runner, but I worry about how he'll behave in a large crowd of dogs if hubby is not able to come. So we'll see.


  1. Great blog!!! Nice set up!! Have a great day!! You are invited to follow my blog anytime!! Catch ya later!!

  2. You've got a busy couple of weekends ahead. It'll be fun to run with your husband - I've loved the three times mine has run with me. And I've loved that I've beaten him every time :)

  3. I wish I could beat my husband! Even when I'm well-trained and he hasn't run in months, he can still beat me. But I'm pretty sure he plans to stay with me at my pace so that will be really nice.


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