Vlogs: MHM Part IV

This final vlog is Alyssa and Jenni finishing the full marathon!

I am quite excited to see them looking so good, so there is some screaming from me. Hopefully, it's not too loud. :)

Sadly, my camera stopped working when Hea and Jason finished the marathon, but they also looked great. I'm so proud of Hea for completing her first marathon! And Jason, too! James completed the half ahead of me and did awesome. We had three people cheering us all on. Mike (Hea's boyfriend), Erin (Jason's wife), and Cami (James's wife) were all there supporting us.

We had so much fun and I recommend this beautiful, flat race to anyone looking for a fun full or half marathon. Just be sure to look over my recommendations from the "Bienvenido A Miami" blog.