After my one four-day running week, I've had two weeks in a row where I only ran two days. Talking to hubby, I don't think we'll be able to do Hood 2 Coast for a couple more years. I still haven't done any meal planning. I'm failing at my goals already.

I could come up with all sorts of excuses. Bathroom project, which I have very little to do with, but it has affected things in the house such as making me obsessed with sweeping. Went out of town for Easter. Out of town most of last week until Sunday for a wedding that I was in. In less than a month, two more weddings to attend, both out of state. Late nights, no desire to get up early. Don't usually anyway. Went straight from Fall to Summer here this year and it's getting really hot already. Animals. Love them but they take up time.

Lance says, "Mleh."

If I stop and think too much about it, I could get overwhelmed about my goals and plans. I like being organized, and these days I'm not feeling on top of things in general. I wish I would wake up and read my Bible every morning. I wish I would run even when it's hard to squeeze it in. I wish I would write every day (I really am close to doing that, but four days out of town for the wedding, as an example, equalled zero writing). I wish I liked cooking, but trying to plan for it is worse than the actual making of the meal.

Yesterday, hubby asked if we could run together after I got home from work (yay!). We took Lance to one of the parks nearby with lots of shade. It's quite picturesque around the lake, and even though it was hot, a nice breeze kept us fairly cool. I was surprised that I felt so good, and we were probably under a 10-min-mile pace. Fast for me, especially because I hadn't run for a week.

When I got home, I did my stretching, push-ups and sit-ups. I added wall sits. I didn't try pull-ups this time because I'm pretty sure I strained a neck muscle last time I tried. I need to build up to those, hubby says, with a chair. As a gymnast from ages 8-12, I could do 25 pull ups at once like it was nothing. I feel stubborn about "slacking" with a chair, but I don't want to pull any muscles, either. Sadly, I'm nowhere near the shape I was in as a gymnast anymore.

I read a tweet from a runner recently that I'll paraphrase. It's not failing if you move slowly. It's only failing if you stop. That makes me feel better. Just gotta keep going.


  1. That's a great quote for me at the moment. I'm still moving - just not how I want to be - bet that quote makes me feel like I'ma success.
    Keep fighting the good fight.


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