Vlog: Heat Almost Beat Me

So today was my 8-miler. Thanks to MapMyRun, I know I did the full distance. However, it didn't go so great.

I should start out by saying, Praise Jesus, I made my goal this week and ran three times.

Today was extremely rough, though. It was supposedly only 81 degrees, but it felt like 100 with the humidity. I had to walk about four times, which isn't bad, I know, but I wasn't expecting it. I was actually expecting, and hoping for rain because of this:

Granted, it does say Saturday, but there was a 40% chance of rain today. I planned to run in it anyway and had dreams of cooler temps. Apparently it rained nearby, but not along my running route.

So here I am walking on the vlog...okay, it's not like it's shameful, but I really wanted to run the whole time today. I'm just bummed that I didn't. I even stopped to sign a petition for 4 minutes because a lady bribed me with a cold water bottle.

Sorry it's a little hard to hear. There were wind gusts that drown me out some. There is also a shadow from my iTouch cover. It seems to have molded in a way that blocks the camera sometimes.

Also, this is gross, but speaks to how poorly my body handled the heat today. So I NEVER throw up. Never have. I've had stomach issues with running, but never the throwing up kind. Shortly after this video, I was spitting up a few chunks from my sandwich at lunch. It grossed me out. Actually, I felt a little better afterward because I had that feeling like I could throw up the whole time up to that point.

Next Sunday, The Claw Run! Hubby will be there, Hea and Mike, some friends of hubby's from work, and hopefully my cousin if she's feeling better after being really sick this whole week. It should be fine, and fun, but definitely a challenge.


  1. Running in high heat and humidity is really challenging. Your poor body has to work extra-hard to try to keep its temperature at a safe level and that's why it seems so tough. I always run slower in summer.

  2. So true! I tend to run slower and walk more during the summer as well.


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