Barefoot on the Beach

My hubby and I had an amazing weekend getaway at Anna Maria Island. I think we’ve decided it’s one of our favorite spots in the world. The beach is so gorgeous. It’s a quaint and pretty quiet area, at least where we stayed. Our three-day weekend was way too short, though.

The water came up pretty high right in front of our condo, so not a lot of sand. I brought my Vibrams, but they are still too new to get dirty/wet/sandy yet. But what a perfect opportunity to try a completely barefoot run!

Beautiful beach I got to run on

I stuck with the half mile distance on Saturday. It was nice. After raining all week, especially thunderstorms Friday night, it was cooler and windy. It seemed way too easy. I wasn’t sore at all, and I decided, why not a mile tomorrow?

All we did was relax the entire weekend, so Sunday I went for it. The shells can be a bit sharp, so I had to watch my step. I did have one break off on my toe but it didn’t draw any blood. Overall, not much soreness at all. It was much hotter on Sunday, so more sweating, but it made me feel ready to try a mile in the Vibrams.

Beachside breakfast table after jog

Back to the real world

tear ;(….

On Tuesday, I left work to try out the mile with the Vibrams. I went out half and back half. Went home and stretched a little. Today? Calves feel fine! The only thing still a little tender is the bottom of my feet. I may start asking around to see if I should be putting body glide or Vaseline on the soles of my feet while I’m getting used to the Vibrams. Maybe I need to keep up the gradual mileage increase as much for sore legs as the need for a calloused sole.

Ok, I just wrote soul and had to fix it. No, I don’t want a calloused soul. Just my feet.

I'm so grateful for my time away, even what felt like just a little time. The Lord knows just how to feed my soul so it doesn't get calloused!

Tomorrow's goal: 1.5 miles


  1. Vibrams would be perfect for running on the sand. I've done a lot of barefoot running on the sand in the past and ended up with some pretty nasty blisters. I think you've come up with a solution.

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