My Cavles Are Burning & I See A Turtle

I'm EXTREMELY thankful for the advice to take it slower and slower and not do a mile too soon with the Vibram FiveFinger shoes.

Saturday, first jog was 1/2 a mile (vlogged it on last post). Felt okay. My lower back and my feet muscles more than anything were sore. I think the shoes force better running posture.

Sunday, jogged 1/2 a mile again, and luckily had a friend (Thanks, Big!) warn that I might be going too far too soon. Brain computes this: half a mile, too far? But I could already tell feet and leg muscles including calves were getting more sore. So I knew Big was right.

But I did stop at 0.2 miles because I saw this little guy in the middle of the road in my neighborhood.

Luckily, no cars were coming. I said hello and asked if he wanted to go back into the canal. He didn't move, so I had to "chase" him. When I started shuffling my feet behind him he did a u-turn. He moved pretty quickly then. He jumped the curb and got into the grass.

And that blue water you see at the top right of the last pic is the canal. He plopped right in! It was really cute. 

Monday, jogged stairs 7 times (five-story parking garage). The logic here is that I always jog the stairs on my toes even in my regular running shoes, and I always do them 7 times. So I started out thinking, maybe I'll do 4 times. But I felt fine, so I kept going. Went home and stretched and did my push-ups and sit-ups.

Tuesday I planned to take a break. Thank the Lord, because my calves were pretty sore.

Today, I wanted to run (National Running Day, and all), but I woke up and my calves were ON FIRE! They seriously hurt so bad and I stretched them a bit and realized I may have pushed it too much with the stairs. So I'll probably have to get out my Saucony's if I want to run today, but it won't be far.


  1. I love seeing wildlife on my runs - and that little guy is really cute.

  2. He was adorable! I'm so glad he got out of the street

  3. That turtle must have been a sign to take it slow!

  4. I like that, MomsHomeRun! I think it was a sign


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