Catch Up in Pictures

I mentioned my Minnesota trip and my longer runs, but I haven't blogged about those yet. So I thought I would play catch up using pictures.

I added all my (better) Minnesota pics to Facebook. The ones here are taken by my iTouch, which is never the best quality, but not terrible either.

On one of my runs in Duluth...

Down the street from Mom and Dad's house, I saw some deer.

I made friends with a neighborhood cat. According to Mom, there aren't very many cats in their neighborhood. This guy was so sweet and friendly.

A spot where the flooding from this year caused damage. But still beautiful Fall trees in the distance.

A nice downhill trek. Back up, not as fun.

Love the Fall colors.

Proof that I'm running. Sorta. I guess it's not really proof. It's so pleasant out I'm not even sweating.

Lake Superior.

More proof.

Back in St. Pete.......

A ten mile run. Beautiful, HOT day, but there was a nice cool breeze that saved me from dying. I actually ran almost the entire time. I stopped at five fountains for water breaks, had one bathroom break, and after one fountain, I walked about two minutes. Otherwise, I ran! Very proud I could do it in the heat. I think my pace was 11:30s or so.

Proof with sweat. This spot is near my favorite fountain because the water is ice cold! Love it. Most fountains are lukewarm or hot.

Heading back. The Pier in the distance, which will be demolished and redone sometime. Not sure when.

And now I probably won't do more than six or eight miles prior to the half marathon. It's coming up quick.


  1. I feel like I've been on a little holiday. The weather looks amazing.

  2. Thanks, Char! I particularly enjoyed the cool weather in Minnesota, but you may be referring to the Florida pics.


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