Moving In Slow Motion

I'm very behind on blogging. That is to say, I haven't blogged for a while, and that makes me feel like I'm behind.

I am running. Slowly. I've done a couple of 10 milers and one 12 that involved a lot of walking. I ran a little in Minnesota but mostly relaxed while visiting my wonderful in-laws and enjoying fall colors.

I have the FWA conference this coming weekend. I'm not sure how much running I'll get done this week.

My next race is Oct. 28th at Ft. Desoto. My dear cousin, Alyssa, is running the Halloween Halfathon with me. We're dressing up, too.

She ran a marathon in Minneapolis a couple of weekends ago. We JUST missed seeing each other. I'm so proud of her because she beat her PR and almost broke 4 hours. My Uncle Gabe and Aunt Marita ran the 10K. Uncle Dave and Aunt Elena (Alyssa's parents) cheered everybody on. I love having a running family.

Slow motion. That's how I feel when I run. I've come to accept that's just the type of runner I am. And it's okay. Because I'm not standing still. I'm moving.


  1. There's nothing wrong with slow. As long as you're still moving forward.

  2. That's what I keep reminding myself :)


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