Vlog: January Heat & The Color Run

Hot, humid, and had to walk. There's the pain I've been waiting for! Yes, it was a tough one. And I expected it to be hard, so that probably helped me in the long run. This vlog was taken last Friday during a nine miler with a little walking.

Even though I intended to run ten, I'm still happy with my progress. The St. Pete Rock N Roll Half is several weeks away. I've got time to keep building.

In Orlando over the weekend, I got to cheer for my cousin, Alyssa, and her roommie, Jenni. They did The Color Run 5K with some 10,000 other people. That would be A/J (my heroes) that I've blogged about many times.

Love these girls.

They described the race as extremely casual and fun. Many walkers, some joggers, and four color stations where they spray/cover you. Even more coloring at the after party (pic).

I definitely want to do it next year. There's one in St. Pete that my friend Rachel did but the race was already full. I better sign up early.

Next Friday, I'm trying for twelve miles. Should be an adventure.


  1. The colour run looks like a lot of fun. I'd love to do one if they ever have one locally. Just not sure how I'll see once my glasses get coloured up.

  2. My cousin said they were selling glasses at the expo for people to wear during the race, so you could at least keep your own pair clean. I hope The Colour Run (looks better than the American spelling, doesn't it?) comes to your area!


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