Vlog: Running HIGH!

Verse speaking to me: 1 Corinthians 9:26
Song speaking to me: Starálfur by Sigur Rós

Today, the goal was twelve miles after work. My last twelve before St. Pete Rock N Roll Half. Thursday is not my early day, so hubby asked me to be careful running downtown. Inevitably, it would be dark when I finished. I estimated 7pm so he'd have an idea when to expect the call with a panting, "dun." He's got good reason for concern, as you will see later in the post.

I don't even know if I can describe what happened. The entire experience was surreal.

I started out kinda fast for me. Then I thought, just go with it. Maybe you can finish quicker, less running in the dark. If not, whatever. I'd slow down when I needed to.

The weird thing is, I didn't need to. It was almost out-of-body, but not quite. I felt the visceral experience that is a runner's high, and I LIKED IT.

Even when I got home, it didn't go away. So naturally, I made a video of my runner's high for all to see.

The weather was perfect. About 65 degrees, very cool, somewhat strong breeze. Heat makes such a huge difference.

Sun setting

I've had a runner's high before, but not like this one. It was like flying. I could've run forever and kept the pace. I rarely pass people, and I had about eight roadkills (three were men!). That alone made this run something special. I finished at a sprint, and still felt I could keep going at least another mile if I had to. My estimate for hubby was twenty minutes off.

Actual distance 12 miles in 1:57:19. About a 9'40" pace.
Sub tens is fast for me. I almost started crying, especially seeing my PR for twelves miles. But the runner's high kept me too happy for tears. The verse above spoke to me because I run with purpose. Basically I feel like God aligned all the stars for me tonight. Jesus was with me, reminding me that every good thing comes from him. I spent time jabbering with the Lord and thanking him on the drive home. Then I called my dad knowing he'd be proud.

And these are my magic pants. I'm giving all credit where it's due. They make me feel like a real runner.

Lance agrees that compression pants are awesome
My super runner cousin, Alyssa, recommended compression pants to me. Florida being all hot and such, I found a 3/4 length pair that was supposed to be good for any kind of weather. On Amazon, they're listed as "CW-X Women's Stabilyx Running Tights." I love them. My legs feel fantastic right now. Could be part of the high, but I know it's part magic pants, too. I ordered a full-length pair of the same brand for those rare, really cold runs.

I have to mention the purple shirt, too. Char from My Life's a Marathon wrote about the power of purple. Credit to the purple shirt, the purple stripes on the magic pants, and the purple on my Saucony's.

So what was my hubby right about?

A body floated into the seawall shortly after I ran past the Dali Museum and Mahaffey Theater. An elderly man in a jogging suit according to an article online at Bay News 9.

Early in my run, I saw tons of sirens flashing by the Dali. By the time I passed it on my way back, there were about six cruisers with lights flashing and several officers out behind the fountain in front of the Mahaffey along the seawall. Crime scene tape blocked the area. I knew something crazy must have happened. I'm really sad to hear that it was a dead jogger.

The iTouch photos aren't the clearest, but you get the idea.

The song at the top of this post is from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. I forgot how much I like that movie. It's emotional when the song plays in the movie, and I felt like reliving that moment.

Now, time to devour a large bowl of ice cream. Lance would like to help me get some of the salty dried sweat off my face.


  1. Lucky you! I love it when a run feels like that. They're quite rare.

  2. So true, Momshomerun. I keep reminding myself that it may not happen again for a long time, so I tried to enjoy it as much as I could.

  3. Woohoo! The poser of purple strikes again. Sounds like you had an amazing run (except for the dead body part)

  4. What a great run!! Scary with the dead jogger though. Its wonderful to know Jesus is with us though and how He makes all things wonderful :)

    1. Thanks for the comment, Kris. I'll never forget that run probably as long as I live because I don't really imagine a repeat could happen. And I'm so grateful for that gift from Jesus.


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