14 miles and up

Hubby, Hea, Mike, and I are in full swing with marathon training. We also have three other friends who will be running the X-Country Marathon with us in November: Alyssa, Jenni, and Zach.

We have a team! So we came up with a team name and shirts.

Hea and I before the 14 miler
TEAM SPOR RUNNERS because some of us live in SP (St. Pete) and some of us live in OR (Orlando).

I know, it looks like we left of the T in SPORT. Or, as one of my forum friends described it, that the E in SPORE is missing and we're a "group of escaped infectious lab test subjects from some fungus-based zombie disease, a la The Last of Us."

In my mind, SPOR rhymes with Thor so we can raise our fists and shout, "By the power of SPOR!"

Anyway, Friday night Hea, hubby, and I ran 14 miles. We had fun, chatted a lot which helped the time pass, but it wasn't easy. Especially since next Saturday we're scheduled to run 16. The miles just keep going up and up.

I still haven't posted about the Police Appreciation Run 10K, so that will be next.
Stay tuned.