I'm singing it to the tune of "Cel-e-bra-tion!"

Another benefit of the iTouch: it comes with a free Nike+ app.

Today, I calibrated my new sensor (separate purchase from Best Buy) with the Nike+ app, which means I can track my distances and know for sure that I went ten miles in Georgia! Which I didn't....because I didn't have the iTouch or the sensor yet. But the next time I'm up there, I will know for sure. Or anywhere for that matter.

It began with googling "how to put a Nike+ sensor in a non Nike shoe" and of course somebody had a solution for me.

Items needed: one of my running shoes, the sensor (19.99 at Best Buy), unknown number of safety pins (I only ended up needing two smaller ones), fabric scissors.

Begin with a small snip using the fabric scissors.

Carefully, cut the hole wider, but not too wide.

Open the box and take out the little sensor guy (read instructions later).

See if your hole is big enough....which it wasn't here.

Make the hole just big enough for the sensor to slip inside.

Behold, the sensor can slip all the way down! So I placed the first safety pin at the spot where I wanted the sensor to stop.

Next, I safety pinned the top end, so the sensor would be cozy in his new home.

Make sure the safety pin is secure.

And I'm ready to go calibrate! Now is the time to read those instructions. When you open the app on the iTouch, pick the "Basic Work-Out" and run where you know the distance. Then hit "calibrate" afterward and tell it how far you went.

I took Lance and we went around the park where there is a half-mile marker and a mile marker, so I knew for sure that I was calibrating accurately.

Isn't he sweet?

I'm really looking forward to going on my runs with this device. And the best thing about the safety pin is that you can transfer to another shoe when you need a new pair.


  1. I learned from fellow runner Melissa Griffin that there is actually a pouch you can buy ($5-$10) to attach to your shoelaces! I may do that for my next pair of shoes ;)

  2. Breezle - you did it! Way to go my innovative sis! :)

  3. Thanks, Risa! It's so fun to have the sensor now.


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