My First Vlog

My first iTouch arrived this week, and I haven't spent a moment apart from it since. Of course, when the newness wears off, I'm sure I'll be able to leave it behind on a trip to the grocery store...maybe.

Today, I ran 12 miles as per my training schedule, and it was tough! Probably because I chose to run 12 laps around the park (1 lap = 0.9 miles) and completed the mileage with the 1.2 miles that it takes to get to the park and back from my house. That's the benefit; I knew how far I was going for sure. Last week turned out to be 9.8 miles instead of 10 when we clocked it afterward with the car! Oh well. Close enough. That was almost easy compared to my run today. However, I made it so I really don't want to complain about it.

Because my iTouch has now been loaded with all my favorite podcasts, of course I brought it along to listen to the usual (Dunesteef). Then I realized I wouldn't need to bring my camera separately. The iTouch is a camera and does video!

So behold My First Vlog, which is not the best videoing of my life (a little jarring, sorry), and not the most flattering angles of myself, but I plan to work on that now that I've gotten over the first one.

At the end, I meant to say, "See you back at the blog," not house. And, yes, I think Rish and Big are my friends.

Thanks so much, hubby, for the early Christmas present :)


  1. Were you holding the camera up with your own hand? It looked like your arms were both still pumping as you ran and that somehow this camera was hovering in front of you to capture this video. I was impressed. You don't have some kind of camera harness or something that you're wearing right?

    Anyway, I think you're my friend too.

  2. Ha! No, that was me carrying the iTouch. I'm so glad you were impressed rather than sick to your stomach! I actually did about 4 different videos while I was running and this one was the best. The others I had spit drying on my lip and up the nostril angles and you couldn't really understand what I was saying.


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