Jingle Bell Run 5K

After a hard rain yesterday, the cold weather flew in on the back of gusty winds, making the Jingle Bell Run feel just about right (freezing!) at 7:30 pm. Team Hea and Bria made it, and we did awesome, I'm not ashamed to tell you. And I'd like to thank Jesus for that.

For those who don't know, Team Hea and Bria is what I like to call my running partner, Heather, and I when we race together. We almost always stay together during races, and last night was no exception. We ran into a group wearing shirts with Isaiah 40:31 on the back, which drew my attention because that's the verse I repeated during the Gasparilla Marathon when I thought I would die. Then I noticed the shirt also said Calvary Chapel where I go to church. They started a running team, and the director was there and said both of us could join, too, even though Hea goes to a different church. He gave us each a long-sleeved dri-fit shirt (amazing, as you can see) and trusted that we would pay him later! Which we will, of course.

One of the women there asked us if we were sisters. We get that a lot.

This is NOT the Jingle Bell Run, but we don't have a pic from that, so I thought I'd throw in this one from one of the Sunrise Runs because it's a very similar route in downtown St Pete. See how alike we are?

The cold air made it difficult to breathe, so we didn't even try to talk during the race. Normally we do. There were lights everywhere and bands playing Christmas music along the route. We weaved through the crowd at least half of the race just to get our pace, and we managed to get behind a pair of girls in matching outfits who were great pacesetters for us. Probably somewhere between 8:00-8:30 pace, which is really fast for me. But that's why we got such a great time.

When we crossed the finish (no timer), we found someone with a watch and the time was 7:55 pm. So we at most did 25 minutes, possibly under. Last year, because Hea's boyfriend looked at his watch just as we crossed the finish, we knew we were at 24:30. I think it's pretty cool that we're right there again.


  1. I was looking at your picture in confusion - wondering how it could be so cold that you didn't want to talk and yet you were wearing shorts and singlet. That'll teach me to read the fine print under the picture. Good job on the race.

  2. That tiny caption font should be bigger!

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