Tough Mudder: More Than A Race

I have a hard enough time just getting through a regular road race. True, I ran an adventure run called The Claw Run in May that involved going waist deep through a river. I truly thought I would hate that...but I didn't. I kinda loved it.

However, there was no mud, no getting shocked, no claustrophobic tunnels to crawl through and no ice baths to submerge into during that race. Therefore, I declined to join my husband and his team on the Tough Mudder this year, but I know my cousin, Alyssa, will be trying to talk me into it from now until next December when it's back in Florida.

I did get the pleasure of spectating, which I truly enjoyed. I even got some mud sloshed onto me at a few spots, so I kinda felt involved.

This amazing group completed the 12-mile challenge known as the Tough Mudder
I'm so proud of my hubby for organizing the team and getting so many people to do it. They all did awesome and I got to see what hardcore really means watching this group conquer the Tough Mudder. I especially loved seeing the women doing this event. Props to them!

If you're friends with me on Facebook, I've got all the pictures I took uploaded there. You can see what this crazy event is all about. If you're not friends with me, send me a request! And add a little message letting me know you follow my blog because that would just make my day.


  1. I've done a few things in the last couple of years that I never thought I'd do - run in 38C heat, run a relay in the middle of the night, run for 2 hours round a 500m track - but I think I'd draw the line just before that event. I don't think I'd get good visibility from my glasses after going through a mud puddle and I've always found vision to be an important aspect of any event.

  2. I agree. I like running in daylight a lot more than running in the dark because of visibility. I said I would never do a marathon. Swore on my Bible. And I've done two! It's amazing how convincing some people are

  3. Hoo-rah. And congrats to your husband and his team. TM is big, big fun.


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