Adventures In Running: Hood 2 Coast Pt 1

Part 1 of...who knows how many

When it comes to relays, Hood 2 Coast is the largest in the country. World maybe? I should really fact check before I start throwing out statistics.

Mt. Hood is near Portland, Oregon. My place of birth. For the race, they created a trek from Timberline on Mt. Hood to Seaside (on the coast, naturally) about 200 miles away. I think. Again, I should fact check.

I do know that the race is happening AS I TYPE. It is very fitting that I reminisce about Hood 2 Coast while thousands of people are running, driving, not sleeping, watering their runners, cheering their runners, finding places to park, finding places to sleep briefly, loading up on Gatorade and Imodium, trying not to smell while using the Honey Buckets, searching for flashlights to carry, and running some more. 

And I found it. Something with facts on it.

At least in 2006 it was the largest relay in the world.
They have a website and I particularly enjoyed reading about the history of the race. I have not yet seen the movie they made about Hood 2 Coast, but I want to track it down.

The 25th Anniversary in 2006 was actually the last Hood 2 Coast I ran. But not the last I will run, hopefully. Hubby is interested in doing it along with my heroes, Alyssa and Jenni, and some other friends and family. We would have to get a team together and PLAN. That is the hard part because we live in Florida. So do many of the people who want to run it. Also, it's a lottery, so no guarantee your team will get in even if you're ready to do it.

The easy part is we have a lot of family in Oregon near Portland. Part of the route goes right by my aunt's house. We would have a place to stay while there for sure.

Getting ready to do Hood 2 Coast takes twelve teammates, two vans, some $$$ and a lot of energy. I have only ever been a member (not a planner) of a Hood 2 Coast team. My aunts are usually the ones planning everything and I get to just hop in the van when it's time to go.

That's not completely true. There is definitely a team player element to Hood 2 Coast. Everyone does their best to help out, encourage, carry stuff, and support the team. That includes van decoration, pitching in $$ not only for your portion of registration, but food and drinks for the road, and possibly buying a specially-designed shirt the team created.

My first Hood 2 Coast, we were a team of all women. So naturally, we were Wonder Women. I've gotta find my shirt and attach that picture.

So that adventure will be for Part II. Stay tuned.