Six Miles and Raw Toes

I went six miles in the Vibrams last Sunday. It was really hot, so that was a challenge. The toes were okay. I had remembered to Body Glide them.

Yesterday, after a rainy day, the weather was fantastic. The air felt cool. I left work, ran my waterfront route around the St. Pete Pier, and felt awesome the entire time. Except my toes...I forgot to Body Glide them.

P.S. I don't have pretty feet.

The tape is keeping the bandaids on so far.
Oh, and I had to stop for a bathroom break that took quite a while, but you don't want to hear about that.

Toes were painful, but I finished the distance and now you see how my feet look today. It was so sad, too, because I felt so great otherwise. Not often the case.

As my hubby points out, raw toes is a problem that may mean these are not the shoes I should wear for my half marathon. But I'm stubborn. I want these to work so bad! I love how they feel. When my toes haven't been rubbed raw, they are great.

So I still love the Vibrams. I love everything about them except this one thing. I think I need to talk to other Vibram wearers to see if this is a problem that may go away with time.

Otherwise, I may need to get some new Saucony shoes for October.


  1. You may just need longer to get used to them. Calluses need time to build up. But I'd definitely have a backup plan.

  2. This is what I keep hearing. Thanks, Char. I must have such wimpy toes!


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