Building Slowly

I continue to build mileage with the Vibrams, but it's going much slower than I anticipated. I ran four miles in Georgia, and that is the farthest distance I have gone.

Love, love, love running around my sister's neighborhood in Georgia

After that, I felt a little tenderness on the bottom of my feet, but not terrible. The next time I ran, one of my big toes blistered on the bottom and ripped. That hurt. A lot. So I took a break. A week later, after only running once in my Saucony's, I ran again with the Vibram's. The other toe felt like it was blistering. It hurt, though not as bad as the other one.

Sigh...I think it's still a matter of building up callouses, but it's just taking a lot of time. I'm still not sure if I'll be able to run the half marathon in October with the Vibrams, though I'd like to. If not, I'll be searching for some new Saucony's as my old favs were discontinued.

Sunday, my dear friend, Hea, let me watch the Olympic women's marathon on her DVR because we don't have TV. I was shocked to find out Paula Radcliffe had to drop out. She has a foot injury that has become so bad she may never race again! So sad. One of the announcers noted that this is the first time there are more women entered in the Olympic marathon race than men. I find this promising for my novel, Sprinter, with more and more women running. More potential readers.

Watching the event was so inspiring. I specifically wanted to see it because of my novel (the main character runs in an Olympic marathon), but it's amazing to see the skill of these women. To suffer for so long-- that's what the marathon is all about.