Announcement: Marathon #3 with hubby

That's right. I'm doing it again. And hubby is doing his first marathon.

What marathon are we signed up for and when?
The X-Country Marathon on Nov 17, 2013

This is a trail marathon in beautiful Alafia River State Park (east of Tampa). Same place where we run The Claw Run 10 Miles. We're signed up for that race again at the end of April.

Hubby doesn't like road races, but has wanted to run a marathon. When we found out about this trail marathon not too far from us, he said he would be interested in doing it someday. That day is now officially on the calendar. And it's not expensive. Only $55 for early sign-up. Hea and Mike are signed up. Hopefully, Alyssa will be able to join us, too.

I once swore that I would never run a marathon. And then Alyssa talked me into Disney 2009 which was the week before my wedding. I don't recommend that, by the way.

After the Disney Marathon, I swore that I would never run another marathon again. Well, except maybe I would run the Gasparilla Marathon because I loved their half marathon. Not soon, though. Someday, like ten years away. But then came the announcement that the Gasparilla Marathon would be the LAST ONE in 2010. So just a year after swearing off marathons for at least ten years, I ran #2 at Gasparilla in its final year as a marathon.

I've always wanted to run the NYC Marathon, but have a similar in-ten-years mentality about it.

When hubby mentioned his willingness to run the trail marathon, I jumped at the opportunity because I doubt I'll ever get him to run another marathon with me. Granted, we won't likely stay together the whole time but we can start together.

What does this tell me? I should never say never.

And this brings back all sorts of running memories that I've never blogged about, such as my first marathon at Disney. I shall return to Adventures in Running recaps soon.


  1. I also swore I'd never run a marathon. I ran my first in 2010 and I'm planning a second at the end of this year.

    Yep - never say never.

    1. Awesome! Which marathon are you doing for your second?


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