Honda Grand Prix 5K 2013 (and not complaining)

I almost forgot to write about this race. Maybe because I ran it alone, which I almost never do. Of course, I ran into some wonderful friends like Karen and her family and Dawn and her family, so I didn't really feel alone. That's the great thing about racing locally. I can pretty much count on running into a friend or two.

I started this post to complain about my terrible attempt to run eight miles today, which turned into a sluggish six miles where my face cracked under the heat of the sun (like a dummy, I forgot sunscreen). When did complaining ever help me anyway?

Instead I'll mention that I did the Honda Grand Prix 5K last Friday in a chip time of 26:56. Pretty great for me! I was feeling good at first, probably started a little faster than normal, but for the most part I think I held the pace well.

According to the calculator, I ran 8.68 minute/miles.

Really, that's fantastic for me. Praise Jesus for consistency and persistence even when I have a rough run like today. A bad run is never a reason to give up, but rather a reason to keep running in search of that elusive runner's high. And since I had my runner's high a few posts ago, I will probably be chasing after it for some time before I experience one again. If ever.

Next time, Adventures in Running. I promise.


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