Not in the mood, but doing it anyway

Sometimes, I don't feel like running. But I'm sure I'm not the only one.

At one point, this was my default setting. I rarely felt like running, and only ran because I thought I should. When I first started distance running in college, I pretty much hated it. It took about two years before that changed. By the third year, I actually admitted to someone that I loved running.

Yes, that's right, running. I love you.

No, it would never give me a ring, but the shiny medals will do. It doesn't even bother me that everybody gets those.

You know what else, running? I hate you.

My tag line for this blog is "I love to hate running." It's the best way I can describe the relationship.

I managed to run three times this week, and I'm proud of that. I had a hard time getting out there. Sorry for the TMI, but I especially hated running this week for a personal reason. Many of us call her Aunt Flow.

For me, one of the best ways to prevent myself from skipping jogs is to run stairs. They don't take long, and I still feel like I get a good workout. I ran them twice this week. The third jog was two and half miles with Lance around the park by my house. At the parking garage at work during one stair jog, I met this little guy.

Cute baby lizard
He stayed in that spot and made sure I did all my reps.

Yesterday, I ran to the Mahaffey Theater/Dali garage where I ran the six sets of stairs twice. That workout was really pleasant. It was a beautiful day (like today), and it pushed me just enough where I think I'll be happy to get back into the longer jogs again next week.

On a side note, another Lance & Ringo Tails e-book was released. The Overthrow Plot is $0.99 in the Kindle Store.

Soon, I'll be making a running-related race announcement that I'm not quite ready to confess yet. It needs its own post. Until next time, keep running! Even if you don't feel like it.



  1. I used to fight with myself all the time about getting out and running but somewhere along the line it changed and now I have to fight with myself to not run when I know I shouldn't. I think the big change came when I joined a running group and loved it so much that I couldn't stay away.

    1. Having accountability with friends and running partners has helped me, too

  2. I loved reading this, because I can totally relate. After 11 years I'm still waiting for a yearning to go running, instead of a sense of obligation. However, a run is always worth it.

    1. Now that's perseverance! I go in phases of not wanting to run, but more often now I actually want to. Having kids probably makes it even harder to get it done, too.


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