I'm NEVER Going to Boston

2016 Boston Marathon
Baysa taking the lead (left) for the women while Hayle and Desisa hold tight (right)

Never Say Never

I should clarify. I'm NEVER going to Boston as a marathon participant. For several reasons, but the main one being that I'm way too slow.

I know. I should never say never. But I feel really confident in this particular never statement.

Cheering On Everyone Else

St. Pete Running Company hosts a Boston Marathon party every year. I never to miss it because I LOVE watching the race. It's one of those epic, heart pounding thrills to see these athletes battle it out through a world-famous American course. The 2016 Boston race was especially awesome when Baysa came out of NOWHERE and overtook the second and first-placed females to win by a long shot.

At a race where runners have to qualify with a certain time to participate, Boston becomes something of a golden snitch (except is it really that hard to catch the snitch? For now, let's pretend it is). Runners will make Boston a life goal because of the prestige that accompanies racing the Boston Marathon. My Dad is one of those people, and he could actually achieve his goal soon.

While I'm a little sad that I'll never race Boston--but not sad enough to amp up my training to the level it would take to get there--I'm very excited that I know a lot of people who do. That gives me an excuse to at least spectate someday. I'm holding out for when my dad qualifies because it'd be amazing to be there as he crosses a life goal finish line.

See? Even that gives me Godbumps.

What About You??

Not my actual bucket list

It turns out I have a Boston Marathon spectator life goal. Do you have a Boston Marathon life goal? Or have you already raced Boston? Did it live up to your expectation?


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    1. So true, Karen. There's always raising money for charity as an option


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