Inspired by Friends Rockin' the St. Anthony's Triathlon

St. Anthony's Tri in St. Pete

I'm not firmly in the "I will never do a tri" camp, but I'm not eager to do one. Mainly, the swim. TERRIFIED of the swim. I've never been a strong swimmer, and I don't swim ever, so my fear of drowning is actually legitimate. Especially in a race like St. A's where the swim is in Tampa Bay.

What's in a Tri?

Several friends and coworkers from St. Pete Running Company competed in the Olympic distance race at the St. Anthony's Triathlon this year. Let's talk about what that means, shall we?

Olympic Distance:

Swim 1500 meters (about a mile)
Bike 24.9 miles
Run 10K (6.2 miles)

Sprint Distance:

Swim 750 meters (about 1/2 a mile)
Bike 12.4 miles
Run 5K (3.1 miles)

Meek and Mighty:
(for the kids and people like me at St. Anthony's)

Swim 200 yards (in the pool!)
Bike 5.4 miles
Run 1 mile

Getting Inspired

Allow me to repeat: they all did the OLYMPIC distance. A mile swim before all that other stuff. Need I say more?

Honestly, I've considered doing the Meek and Mighty. The swim is in the pool! The distances are so much shorter. I think I'd make it. The hard part would be when a bunch of 8-12 year olds fly past me on the bike and run. But then again, we're all just there to have fun, right?


This year, I got to spectate near the finish and spotted Cody Angell (owner of St. Pete Running Company), Chris McCaffrey, Jimmy Williams, Abrom Douglas, Jenn Olvedy, and Valencia (who did the sprint and placed third in her age group). So proud of all of them!

Cody Angell

Chris McCaffrey

Jimmy Williams

 Wendy Ley

Abrom, Cody, Chris, Jimmy Cooper

Doesn't it look like they're having fun? I didn't get to see Wendy, but this was her first and Jimmy Cooper's first Olympic distance triathlon. They all did amazing, and they're all so inspiring!

What About You?

Have you ever done a triathlon, or would you like to? Which one have you done? Which one do you want to do, and what distance?

*Photos used with permission


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