Mud Diving is Not for Me

Recently, I was offered an entry into a Spartan Race.'re giving it to me??

Clearly, this person doesn't know me. Back in 2011, my hubby, my dear cousin Alyssa, and a bunch of hubby's buddies all did the Tough Mudder. I had the opportunity to join them, which I declined vehemently.

I know the Spartan Race is not the same as the Tough Mudder, but I do know it's the same idea. Defeat obstacles and dive into the mud when there's no good reason to do either.

Granted, this must be fun for people, because tons and tons of participants do Spartan Races and Tough Mudder every year. And they talk about how much they LOVE it.

Here are a couple of photos that I took at Tough Mudder in Dade City, 2011. I was happy to be behind the camera and NOT a mud diver.

Dunking under spinny tire things

Getting electrocuted. Yeah. No thanks.

A happy post-race crew. Guess what? I was happy, too!

To Mud or Not To Mud

Is it weird that I'd rather do a marathon than do a mud run? The idea of mud...I just don't like it. Dirt is another thing. I don't mind a little dirt, which is why I love The Claw Run at Alafia River State Park. Sadly, we missed doing that race this year. It's out in nature where we traverse God's green earth through trails and up berms and through a waist-deep river (no man-made obstacles. No mud diving).

The Claw Run 2011
A little dirt on the ankles, wet shoes, yes, but that's it!

What About You?

Have you ever done a Spartan Race or Tough Mudder? Or do you want to? If you've done one, how did it go? Was it worth all that mud?

What About that Free Race Entry?

I know, I know. I shouldn't act like a snob when someone offers a free race entry. That's not something that happens for me, so I should be really excited. But the mud....

I'll honestly think about it. Maybe there's a lesser muddy one that's nearby. Or the offer has been revoked because the person who sent it saw this blog and realized they probably shouldn't have offered it to me in the first place.


  1. Right there with you! I'm not a fan of mud runs at all! However, I did cave back in 2012 and ran the Tough Mudder, but pretty much I'm now retired from mud runs. One and done! LOL

    1. Sounds like you did it the right way, Abrom. Tried it, now you know! :)

  2. No mud for me either! Marathons, no problem. Mud, ew.


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