That Time I Fell on a Trail Run

Is There a Right Way to Fall?

Raise your hand if you've ever fallen during a run.

Yep, hands everywhere, just like I expected. Doesn't it make you feel better to look around and know you're not alone?

It's been a while since I've fallen. Can't quite remember the last incident, so it must not have been too bad. Tripping is a regular occurrence for me. Comes with the running territory.

Last Saturday, St. Pete Running Company hosted a free group run at Weedon Island Preserve. A trail run! My favorite! Of course, coworker Chris warned everybody before we got started that, statistically, at least one of us would fall during the run, so to be extra careful.

The Ground Getting Nearer and Nearer

Chris was right, and I was the statistic.

Post-fall. Note the dirty hands and knees.
Notice my right wrist in the above photo? That's my emergency medical ID. Don't go on your run without one! No, I don't have any medical issues to document, but I do have my A+ blood type listed on there, along with my info and husband's name and phone number.

And don't worry, I'm not hurt at all. This is the extent of my injury.

Tiny scrape on the arm. That's it. All said and done, I'm fine. Thank you, Lord, for that.

If there is a right way to fall, I must've done it. But I couldn't actually tell you how, or what to do if you find your face nearing the ground. One of the best aspects of my fall was the very powdery sand we happened to be traversing. It was a soft landing that likely prevented any injuries.

The root that tripped me and wouldn't let go!
My sand angel
Chris happened to be just ahead of me, and a Group Runner named Dave was right behind me. So Dave got to see the slow-motion fall and feel helpless to do anything. He said that I seemed to land properly with my arms taking the fall rather than my wrists. Guess that's how you do it? Still, on cement it wouldn't feel good either way.

Have You Ever Fallen on a Run?

Don't be shy. We've all done it, haven't we? You run long enough, you're going to fall. Go ahead and tell us all about it. (Alex, I'm looking at you. I saw that fall at The Claw Run, and I'm not the only witness).


  1. So true!!! My hand is raised!!

    1. I knew I wasn't the only one! Thanks, Karen!! Hope your fall wasn't too traumatic?

  2. Girl you know I feel you .. the fall wasn't during a run but sucked all the same lol.. awesome blog

    1. Pam, I know you feel me, girl! Hang in there. You're doing awesome and you'll be great at Chatanooga!

  3. You chose exactly the right place to fall (as if choice factors into a fall ever). The only time I've fallen in a run is on a trail. That's why I don't run on trails so much - I am a coward when it comes to falling.

    1. Makes perfect sense, Char! That seems to be where I fall as well. I'm seeing a pattern here... ;)


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