A Break and A Run

Sometimes, it's hard for me when a week goes by before I get in another run. However, this was a very important week as I was attending the Florida Writers Association (FWA) Conference in Orlando Oct. 21-23. I wanted to feel prepared, and that included pausing the usual every-other-day running routine.

If you're interested in my time at the FWA Conference, click HERE.

I finally got to run about 4 miles yesterday, almost a week since the last time, and it felt great. Again, great weather with a pleasant breeze along my usual waterfront route.

I found myself behind a woman near the end of my jog, and though I knew I couldn't pass her, I matched her stride to see if I could keep the same distance behind her. It's so funny because she didn't appear to be going fast, but when I started to feel how quickly my feet moved to keep in line with her, I realized how slow I truly am. Honestly, I don't mind, but I am often amazed at other distance runners.