The Sunrise Run

Today, I ran the Sunrise Run 5K with my husband and our dog, Lance. We had a lot of fun running with so many people we knew from Faith Covenant and other local churches. Karen VanderPloeg has said this is her last year to head up this race and I hope someone will be able to take over the reins for future years.

At the award ceremony, Lorraine Yaslowitz, who ran the 1K with Karen, was honored with a medal and a plaque for her faith and testimony after her husband, K-9 Officer Jeff Yaslowitz, was killed in the line of duty. My husband knew Jeff from the SWAT team and it has been incredible to hear Lorraine's message of hope and to hear her unwavering faith in the wake of the horrible tragedy when her husband and another officer, Tom Baitinger, were gunned down earlier this year. A month later, another officer, David Crawford, was killed in the line of duty. They paid the greatest price, and it makes me think and pray often for my husband while he is on duty. I know so many friends and family pray for him as well, and I'm so grateful. Click the link below to view an ABC Action News report on the event.

Lorraine Yaslowitz awarded legacy of faith award

During our run, we started in the back because Lance had never raced with us before. We started slow, and picked up our pace quite a bit when we hit the Pier. At certain points during the race, I would linger behind, and Lance kept his eye on me. He wanted to make sure his mommy was doing okay, which caused him to pull the leash and make my hubby slow down. Good boy.

We finished in 29:40. Not a PR, but not too shabby either. It was a cool, gusty day. Complete opposite of the last 5K I ran, and I enjoyed the downtown St. Pete waterfront scenery a lot more this time. Still, it was difficult. Then again, I don't know if there is such thing as an easy race.