My New Blog is Pro-Running

Despite the name of my new blog, I intend to use it to express my passion and love for running. Sure, the reality of sore muscles, draining days in the Florida sun, and dreadful, early mornings will come into play. Much about running can be like a horror film when you are in it.

I had an extremely difficult summer when it came to running. Today is the first day the high was below 90 degrees in I don't know how long. Feels like forever. And I realize that my former days of detesting running may have transformed into something else, but I still have moments where I despise running. Yes, love wins out in the end. But I believe I am the anti-runner who runs, and that will likely become apparent with this blog.

Today I ran just under 6.5 miles. I haven't run that far in months. Because the temp was a mere 86 degrees, it felt absolutely wonderful. Next Saturday, I look forward to the Sunrise Run in downtown St. Pete.

I welcome comments from runners, non-runners, anti-runners and anyone else who has been there/done that or simply has thoughts to share on the subject.

 My first Hood 2 Coast in Oregon, 2004.