Running in Georgia

I couldn't be happier with the 10-mile run I did this morning. I ran from 8am to 10am pretty much on the dot, so that would be a 12-minute-mile average. I'm pretty sure that was my speed, so I'm really hopeful I went the full distance.

With the Women's Half Marathon on Nov 20th, I've been working hard to keep on track with my training. My husband and I came to visit my sister and her husband for a long weekend. We also brought our dog, who loves it up here.

Check out all the pics I took while running on the Photos tab.

I was concerned about the cold, because the temperature when I got up was about 50 degrees. I've been used to the 80s for most of my recent jogs, but the cooler air felt great. I started with sweats and my long-sleeved shirt from the Gasparilla Marathon. It's by far my favorite long-sleeved running shirt. After the first five-mile lap I did around the neighborhood, I dropped the sweats off at my sister's house, and my shorts with the top were perfect as the sun warmed everything up to about 60 degrees.

As usual, I listened to the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine. Their stories, with the fun banter afterward, majorly helps distract from soreness.

By the time I finished, I actually felt like I could have gone farther, and that rarely happens for me. Hopefully, it's a good sign for the race. Next weekend, the 12-miler!