Coming Up: The Sunrise Run

I have a race coming up this Saturday. The Sunrise Run is a faith-based race that was started a few years ago by Karen VanderPloeg. I'm running the 5K at 7:15am along the waterfront in downtown St. Pete. It's a beautiful run and lots of fun.

Karen is an amazing woman of God who has been battling cancer and still plans to run/walk this weekend as far as I know. I've always had great respect for Karen and her joyful spirit through all things.

Sadly, my team will be incomplete this year. My best friend, Heather, has been sick and can't make it this time. Illness gets in the way of running and turns even the most dedicated runners into least while they are recovering.

Photo by Jason McElhaney

Team Hea and Bria, The Sunrise Run 2010

Photo by Karen VanderPloeg

Team Hea and Bria, The Sunrise Run 2009