Feeling Good, Intent and Volunteering

I got a new running skirt for $10 at the Gasparilla Expo. I love getting running stuff at expos because they usually mark down their products. Sometimes way down.

Lance and I ran today and I wore the skirt for the first time. I really like it. I can't even say why, except that it was fun to feel feminine while running. I love that picture of the beautiful and sleek runner with a great stride that says: "This is how I feel when I run." Then at the bottom there is a little girl veering rather than running and her face is skewed: "This is how I actually look." I know that is so true because out of hundreds of photos from the photographers who come to races, I think I've only looked good in about two of them. I guess it doesn't hurt to try to boost the feeling when there's nothing I can do about how I actually look while running.

It even has a key pocket!
I have good intentions for my running, but I don't always follow through. I want to make those intentions known so I can come back to this post and see if I'm following through or not.

1. I want to incorporate weights, push-ups and sit-ups into my running routine. I have stopped doing all three and I intend to get back into it.

2. I want to run every other day, minimum 3 days a week. These last few races have showed me that skipping a week (not just once, either) is not a good idea for me. It's a habit that comes and goes, but I want to get consistent.

3. I want to run Hood 2 Coast again. I already have many people that I believe would do the race, many who have told me they would, and the lottery for signing up is in October, I believe. I want to have a team committed to doing it by then so if we do get in, we'll be good to go for next year.

4. I want to do a marathon again. Not this year, but possibly next. I'm still focusing on halfs for now and getting more consistent as a runner. I'm thinking about putting in for New York whenever the lottery for 2013 opens up.

5. I want to eat better meaning I need to make meal plans and stop my hatred of cooking and replace it with my love of eating.

For now, that sums it up.

Tomorrow I'm volunteering with the Calvary Chapel Running Team at the Ft Desoto Halfathon. It will be my first race as a volunteer and not as a participant. I'm excited! I did this race last year and had a lot of fun, but I'm glad that my next race to run is the Honda Grand Prix 5K on Friday.

Running with Lance around the park


  1. They're all such great goals. And you can do every one of them. I'm not sure, though, how you overcome hatred of cooking.I'm not a big fan of it either and just see it as a necessary evil

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Char! I do hope I can stick to it and reach these goals.


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