Gasparilla 15K

First of all, I must thank Jesus for getting me across that finish line. There was a man who collapsed and was obviously hurt, and I pray that he's okay. But it reminds me how careful I need to be in the heat.

And this was a HOT race. I threw water over my head at almost every water station, and usually more than one cup at a time. Still, I was sweating a ton (not like me) and my face felt like it was on fire.

My husband and his coworkers and his coworker's wife all ran, and they all did awesome. I guess I did pretty well, too, but I felt awful the last half of the race because of the heat. True, 79 degrees is not so bad for Florida, but I just ran in 40 degrees at the Rock N Roll Half a few weeks earlier. It hasn't been very hot while I've been training, and honestly, I haven't been training very consistently in the midst of all these races.

My biggest problem, however, was starting too fast. I went out with the group, and I immediately felt the pace was too fast for me. But I thought, oh well, I'll hang with them and then back off. Yeah, I did have to back way off later, and hubby looked a little concerned for me.

I did find a girl who had a wonderful pace for me and I was able to stay right behind her for the last three miles. It really helped because I was worried that I would stop if I didn't have someone I could keep pace with. They had misting areas throughout, and that helped as well. From what I could tell, there was a water station about every mile, maybe mile and a half, but only one of them had Gatorade. That disappointed me because Gatorade is usually what I want during a race even more than water. Especially during a hot race.

So I prayed a lot and when everyone in my group got ahead, I kept telling myself to keep moving. Even though I walked at all the water stations from mile 5 on, I didn't stop. I kept moving. I actually did my second-best 15K, which amazed me. My chip time was 1:40:31 and that's only three minutes off my 15K PR. It's strange how I'll feel great during a race and think I'm about to PR, and by the time I finish I'm five or ten minutes off. Then a race like this, I feel like I'm about to puke and I'm only a few minutes off a PR. I think that's why I never pressure myself to get a PR before or during. Races are so unpredictable.

I was sorry that Hea had to race by herself on Sunday during the half, but she did awesome even during a rainy morning.

Hubby and I really enjoyed our time. Running with friends is always wonderful, and Gasparilla is always a beautiful race.


  1. The difference in racing in the heat is incredible. It can put minutes on your normal times. Sounds like you did a pretty good job and you had a fun time.

  2. So true, Char! Thanks. I hope you're continuing to heal and getting back to it. All in good time, of course ;)

  3. You toughed it out and you go there. Nice work!

  4. Thanks, Chris! I did feel kinda tough when it was over :)


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